Stacey Porter

Designer / Houston, TX

Stacey Porter is a native Houstonian who studied art at the University of Iowa.

She has spent the last twenty plus years traveling the world in support of her husband’s professional baseball career. In that time period she has encountered many interesting people along the way that have helped inspire her jewelry line. She has encountered a number of different cities and lived a lifestyle where change was inevitable. Despite all the travel and adjustments, there were two things that remained constant: her strong passion to use her God-given creative design skills and her eye for fashion.

After years of making her own jewelry, she’s honored to share her creative talent with the world. With the many blessings from God bestowed upon her and her husband, she is finally able to devote her undivided attention to Sceptre Jewelry. Her jewelry line includes a collection of different stones, colors and textures.

Sceptre Jewelry by Stacey Porter is a fashion forward and hand crafted line of jewelry for women. Stacey Porter has the ability to make colors, shapes and textures blend to create signature pieces of jewelry.

Sceptre –

A rod or mace used by a sovereign as a symbol of royal authority.

The name scepter came about one day I was searching through names words in the Bible. I came across this word that looked very much like my name. It had every letter of my name in it and it was almost identical to my email address. So I researched the meaning:

A Sceptre generally has jewels on it and can be decorated beautifully. I feel more like the name chose me.

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